Spoon Cover The Beatles’ “Christmas Time (Is Here Again)”: Stream

For the Spotify Singles: Holiday Edition series

spoon the beatles christmas time is here again cover

In the words of Britt Daniel, “THE WAR ON CHRISTMAS IS OVER.” As a peace offering to Santa and the elves, his band Spoon have shared a new cover of The Beatles’ holiday classic “Christmas Time (Is Here Again).”

This new rendition was recorded for the Spotify Singles: Holiday Edition series. In a statement, Daniel said, “Recording ‘Christmas Time Is Here Again’ was a group effort that pulled us away from rehearsals and quickly sent us down a turbulent path of what you might call the Christmas spirit. And it’s our song with the most band members doing vocals ever — pretty sure I’m counting four.” He added, “THE WAR ON CHRISTMAS IS OVER.” Check it out below.

Spoon recently announced their new album Lucifer on the Sofa and shared the lead single “The Hardest Cut.” Next year they’ll be playing festivals including Wilco’s Sky Blue Sky and Shaky Knees, and tickets are available here.


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