Trump’s New Book is Quite Literally a Picture Book

Our Journey Together compiles 300+ photos of the former president with handwritten captions

donald trump new book our journey together

Former President and known wordsmith Donald Trump is releasing a new book — of pictures. Rolling Stone reports that Our Journey Together, Trump’s first book since he became president, will be released December 7th through Winning Team Publishing, the company he started with Sergio Gor. Yet Trump, king of subtlety, tells the story of “our” journey not through evocative prose, but through the more straightforward curation of 300+ images.

Make no mistake, however: Trump wrote the book’s captions. A sneak peak obtained by The Washington Examiner offers a picture of the former president with former Vice President Mike Pence in conversation with House Speaker Nancy Pelosi. “Attempting to listen to Crazy Nancy Pelosi in the Oval Office — such natural disagreement,” Trump’s caption reads.

Winning Team Publishing has done a bang-up job of promoting the book. “This photo book captures the greatness of the last four years unlike anything else that has been published,” their website reads. Donald Trump Jr. agrees: “No one accomplished as much for America as my father did in his four years in the White House,” he said in his testimonial. “This incredible photo book documents every step of the way. Truly, one of a kind!”

If that’s not ridiculous enough, the coffee table book — “a must-have for all Patriots,” Trump says — also comes with a hefty price tag: regular copies go for $74.99, and signed versions cost $229.99. At least your Christmas shopping is settled!

Since losing his run for reelection, Trump has launched a “free speech” social media site that prohibits criticism against him and launched a “History Tour” with fellow accused-abuser Bill O’Reilly.


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