New Video of Kids Covering Slipknot Has Higher Production Value Than Most Metal Videos: Watch

The O'Keefe Music Foundation offers up a slick clip for "Wait and Bleed" fronted by a 9-year-old singer

Slipknot Kids Video

When you see the YouTube title “9 yr old sings Slipknot & Unleashes Chaos,” you expect a fun iPhone video of some youngster rocking out to his favorite metal band. But in the case of the O’Keefe Music Foundation’s latest upload, you get a slick music video that rivals or even exceeds the production value of most metal videos.

The nonprofit O’Keefe Music Foundation has been producing videos for young rockers over the past several years, often showcasing teens and pre-teens with impressive musical skills. A video of youngsters performing Tool’s “Forty Six & 2” has racked up 25 million views for the channel, while other covers of songs by Ozzy Osbourne, Iron Maiden, Pantera, and more have also garnered millions of views.

In the O’Keefe Music Foundation’s latest clip, a young girl named Taylor (who herself has fronted a couple of Slipknot covers on the OMF channel) walks by a band rehearsal in a garage, and tells 9-year-old Chase, “Remember what mom said: ‘No Slipknot!'” Of course, Chase and his band of young rockers proceed to perform Slipknot’s “Wait and Bleed.”

From there, it turns into a short film depicting juvenile anarchy, as dozens of kids in disposable white hazmat suits (a nod to Slipknot’s onstage jumpsuits) take over the neighborhood in a scene out of The Purge or some other big-budget horror movie.

Seriously, there must be some major-label metal bands wondering why they have to film yet another low-budget performance video in an abandoned warehouse while these kids are getting the royal treatment. Then again, kudos go out to the O’Keefe Music Foundation for producing such an eye-catching clip for these young kids.

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Amid the stunning visuals is some spectacular musicianship, especially from 12-year-old Seb Braganza, who delivers a ridiculous solo on his seven-string guitar.

Watch 9-year-old Chase and the rest of the band perform Slipknot’s “Wait and Bleed” below, and support the O’Keefe Music Foundation here.


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