Will Smith Climbed to the Top of the World’s Tallest Building: Watch

"If you're gonna build a building, are you really not gonna try to build the Burj Khalifa?"

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Will Smith has reached a new height: climbing to the top of the world’s tallest building. Watch the accomplishment below.

The monumental task took place in Episode 2 of the star’s new YouTube Originals docu-series Best Shape of My Life. During the third week of his intense, new workout and nutrition regimen, Smith decided to take the crew following his fitness journey to Dubai. “Dubai fits my personality,” he says via confessional. “It just speaks to how I see the world, how I see life. If you’re gonna build a building, are you really not gonna try to build the Burj Khalifa?”

The Burj Khalifa, of course, is the tallest building in the world with 163 occupied floors and measuring 2,722 feet to the tip of its spire. For his cardio workout to kick off week four, Smith sets a goal: to climb the stairs to the top of the building.

“I’ve got a bad feeling about the whole thing. I think we should call it,” he jokes to his personal trainer at the ground level before taking to the stairs. After 61 minutes, he and the crew had climbed to the 160th floor. But that wasn’t enough for the famously driven movie star.

“So, I was looking at the building, and it dawned on me that we hadn’t actually climbed to the top of the Burj Khalifa,” he narrates. “And my sense of accomplishment turned into a dejected sense of failure. So we decided that we were going to actually climb to the top of the Burj Khalifa.”

Naturally, that involved donning a helmet, harness, gloves, and other various safety equipment to climb another 200 meters by ladder up the building’s spire, which Smith clarifies is “the individual highest point that a human being can be in a manmade structure on Earth. On Earth!” Watch the Men in Black star accomplish the feat below.

Next, Smith is set to star in King Richard, the biopic of Richard Williams — a.k.a. the father of Serena and Venus Williams — which will hit theaters nationwide this Friday. In October, he also announced the book tour for his soon-to-be-released autobiography Will.


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