Will Smith Developed “Psychosomatic Reaction” to Too Much Sex, Would “Vomit” After Orgasm

"It would literally make me gag and sometimes even vomit"

will smith psychosomatic reaction too much sex orgasm gag vomit

Come again? Sounding simultaneously like a man who has had too much and too little therapy, Will Smith said that as a young star, he engaged in so much sex that he “developed a psychosomatic reaction to having an orgasm,” that would “make me gag and sometimes even vomit.”

The revelation comes from his new memoir Will, which hit store shelves earlier this month. Via BuzzFeed News, he began his downward spiral after coming home from a two-week tour to find that his girlfriend, Melanie, had cheated.

“I desperately need relief but as there is no pill for heartbreak, I resorted to the homeopathic remedies of shopping and rampant sexual intercourse,” he wrote.

“Up until this point in my life, I had only had sex with one woman other than Melanie. But over the next few months, I went full ghetto hyena.”

Smith explained, “I had sex with so many women, and it was so constitutionally disagreeable to the core of my being, that I developed a psychosomatic reaction to having an orgasm. It would literally make me gag and sometimes even vomit.”

Elsewhere in the memoir, Smith detailed sex with his wife Jada Pinkett Smith during their 26-year relationship. At one point, he wrote, “We drank every day, and had sex multiple times every day, for four straight months.” He continued, “I started to wonder if this was a competition. Either way, as far as I was concerned, there were only two possibilities: (1) I was going to satisfy this woman sexually, or (2) I was going to die trying.” If you want to know whether he succeeded or literally died, you’ll have to pick up the book.

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Last month, Smith’s new YouTube series The Best Shape of My Life revealed that he had “considered suicide,” and climbed the world’s tallest building. His new tennis biopic King Richard is in theaters now, and earlier today Peacock shared his dramatic reimagining of his first sitcom, simply titled Bel-Air.


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