BTS’ “Permission to Dance On Stage” Was One of the Best-Selling Concerts in History

The four-night stand sold 214,000 tickets and grossed $33.3 million

BTS Permission to Dance

On any given day BTS are setting some record, but here’s an especially impressive feat: the group’s “Permission to Dance On Stage” residency at Los Angeles So-Fi Stadium was the biggest single venue concert engagement by any act in nearly a decade.

According to Billboard, the four-night stand sold 214,000 tickets and grossed $33.3 million. That’s the biggest box office draw at a single venue since Roger Waters earned $38 million over nine shows at Estadio River Plate in Buenos Aires, Argentina in 2012.

In the US, there hasn’t been a single venue box office total that large since Springsteen’s legendary 10-show run at Giants Stadium in 2003. And had BTS played even just one more show, it’s likely they would have smashed both Waters’ and Springsteen’s aforementioned totals.

Overall, the Billboard BoxScore for BTS’ “Permission to Dance On Stage” is the sixth largest since reporting began over 30 years ago.

Beyond the physical ticket sales, “Permission to Dance On Stage” also generated massive online buzz. According to data released by Twitter on Friday, there were over 68 million tweets about the concert between November 27th to December 2nd.

In her review of the concert for Consequence, Mary Siroky described it as a “triumphant evening” that “needed to be seen to be believed. Kayla and Bethany of the Stanning BTS podcast also caught a show and shared their experiences on the latest episode (listen below).

Following the fourth and final night of “Permission to Dance On Stage,” BTS announced they’ll return to the stage for concerts in Seoul, South Korea in March 2022.


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