BTS Members RM and Jin Test Positive for COVID-19

Bandmate Suga also recently tested positive

RM and Jin of BTS

Two more members of BTS have tested positive for COVID-19.

Following yesterday’s news of Suga’s diagnosis, the group’s management company, Big Hit Music, has now revealed that RM and Jin have also received positive test results.

Similar to Suga, RM is asymptomatic at the moment. However, Jin is experiencing flu-like symptoms, including a fever.

All three members of BTS received their second COVID vaccination in August, and are currently self-quarantining in their respective homes, according to Big Hit.

“Our company will continue to provide support for the rapid recovery” of the group’s members, Big Hit added, “placing our highest priority on the health and safety of our artists. We will continue to cooperate fully with the requests and guidelines of healthcare authorities.”


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