Death Metal Band Omicron Won’t Change Name in Wake of New COVID Variant

"We will not let a virus determine the way our concept should be perceived"

Omicron death metal band

Sometimes world events can have a profound effect the perception of a band name — just ask ISIS or Anthrax. Now, a Belgian death metal band by the name of Omicron is dealing with the ramifications of the new COVID variant of the same name.

As the Omicron variant spreads from country to country and from state to state, it could very well become the dominant variant of COVID-19. VICE caught up with the Belgian metal band Omicron to get their thoughts on the matter, and to find out whether they have any designs on changing their moniker.

“Nobody could predict that this would happen and we hope that people will see that,” the band Omicron said in a statement to VICE. “[Are] we planning to change our name? Hell no. We will not let a virus determine the way our concept should be perceived.”

The band continued, “We were a bit anxious that our name might get a negative connotation. But we also felt it might give us the exposure much needed for bands [starting out] in a world overcrowded with musicians trying to leave their mark upon the industry.”

As for choosing the name Omicron, the band explained, “Our guitarist Philippe has an unhealthy obsession with aliens and all the interstellar obscurity that comes with it. He came up with our name because he was inspired by the Dyson sphere that had been found in the Omicron Cygni constellation.”

With the new connotation, the band understands that there could be some sensitivity surrounding its name.


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