Michelle Yeoh Must Save the Multiverse, Do Her Taxes in Everything Everywhere All at Once Trailer: Watch

In theaters March 25th

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Michelle Yeoh is an exhausted Chinese American woman tasked with not only saving the whole multiverse but also doing her taxes in the bonkers trailer for Everything Everywhere All at Once. The new film from A24 is directed by the duo behind Swiss Army Man, Daniels (Daniel Kwan & Daniel Scheinert) and comes to theaters on March 25th.

The trailer for Everything Everywhere All at Once opens with Evelyn Wang (Yeoh) zoning out before a distant voice snaps her back to reality. “Mrs. Wang, are you with us?” a wigged Jamie Lee Curtis asks over a mountain of paper receipts. “Now you may only see a pile of receipts, but I see a story,” she says. “I can see where this story is going, and it does not look good.”

At these stressful words, unseen hands suddenly pull Evelyn through space and time. Here, her own story starts to unravel. “Evelyn,” her husband (Ke Huy Quan) says in a spooked whisper, “I am not your husband. I’m another version of him from another universe. I’m here because we need your help.”

As it turns out, this Evelyn can access the accumulated skills of every other Evelyn across the multiverse, which makes her a formidable foe at hand to hand combat. Over David Bowie’s “Time,” we see a series of bizarre, funny, and violent vignettes, as Evelyn seeks to save reality as we know it.

Everything Everywhere All at Once also co-stars Stephanie Hsu, Jenny Slate, Harry Shum Jr., and James Hong. Check out the trailer below.


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