Georgia Maq Unveils New Song “Joe Rogan”: Stream

This one's for the dude-bros

georgia maq new song joe rogan stream

Camp Cope singer Georgia Maq is back with “Joe Rogan,” a synthpop kiss-off to condescending men. Listen to the song below.

“Joe Rogan” isn’t about Joe Rogan so much as it’s about a certain type of Joe Rogan fan — the type to think they know it all. We all know the type, but in a press release for the song, the artist said it came from a pretty specific experience.

“I made this song alone in my house,” she said. “It’s a burn on myself because of my historically bad taste. It’s a song about leaving a bad date because you realised you don’t have to sit around while some guy defends Joe Rogan and smokes a gatorade bong, it’s about a very… unique experience that isn’t actually that unique — I think it’s relatable.”

Over a twinkling instrumental, the Australian singer relays her “bad taste” in men and the ways they parrot the controversial podcast host’s smug tendencies. “Still only talking to other white men/ He really knows what’s up/ As soon as I’m talking about my opinions he tells me it turns him off,” she sings. Sarcasm aside, the artist sums up her frustrations in the direct chorus:  “There’s nothing more dangerous than a man who thinks consent is lame.”

The song comes with a purple-tinted video directed by Tori Styles. It sees Maq dance around, sing into her vibrator, and flip off Joe Rogan’s image — you know, usual Saturday fun. Speaking of fun images, the single’s album art, which Maq posted to Instagram, depicts an insane text exchange with (presumably) the guy in question — check it out below and cringe at your own risk.

Georgia Maq released the solo single “Someone Stranger” in July, which followed the 2019 solo debut Pleaser. Last month, Camp Cope returned with “Blue,” their first new music in three years.


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