Katelyn Tarver on Subject to Change: “Making This Album Almost Felt Like I Blacked Out”

The actress/musician talks relationships, production, and co-writing Cheryl’s “Crazy Stupid Love”

katelyn tarver kmw subject to change

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Katelyn Tarver sits down with Kyle Meredith to talk about her first full length album, Subject to Change.

She tells us about the source of the heavy subject matter, how she was viewing love and relationships as some of her friends were divorcing, and not taking advice from people under 50. The actress/musician also discusses finally making an LP after more than a decade of singles and EPs, the choice to have minimal production, and how she plans to play the songs live.

Elsewhere, Tarver takes us into her side-project with Parachute’s Will Anderson and doing more songwriting for other artists, as with her massive UK success from Cheryl using “Crazy Stupid Love.”

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