Louis C.K. Aired Commercial for New Special During SNL

The commercial aired just before a re-airing of "Dick in a Box."

louis ck saturday night live ad comedy special snl

Live from New York, it’s…a Louis C.K. commercial? On Saturday night, the disgraced comedian ran an ad for his latest comedy special during Saturday Night Live, sending social media into a flurry.

So Louis CK has a new special out, ‘Sorry,’ that he is selling online. An ad ran during SNL,” one person tweeted. “For those who forgot, Louis CK sexually assaulted a series of women comedians, then went right back to work and no one blinked.”

Another wrote during the show: “By far the most memorable part of this SNL will be the insanity of seeing a national Louis CK commercial in the year of our Lord Two Thousand Twenty One,” while writer Andy Herrera pointed out the irony in the ad running prior to a re-airing of SNL‘s classic Dick in a Box digital short. “Honestly of course Louis CK whips out a special as an unwelcome surprise,” added writer Bess Kalb.

Back in 2017, the one-time Louie star was hit with a series of sexual misconduct allegations from five different women. The story initially ran in the New York Times, and C.K. eventually admitted in a statement that the allegations were true — but backtracked by claiming he thought it was OK because he “never showed a woman [his] d–k without asking first.”

Louis C.K.’s 2020 comedy special, Sincerely Louis C.K., recently received a Grammy nomination for Best Comedy Album. The comedian has spent the past year on a US stand-up comedy tour with additional international dates set for 2022.

Meanwhile, SNL pulled off its final show of the year with a limited cast and crew due to the current Omicron spike, with Charli XCX canceling her stint as the episode’s musical guest entirely.


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