Meryl Streep Thought Her Don’t Look Up Co-Stars Were Literally Calling Her a Goat

The Greatest of All Time, but not when it comes to acronyms

meryl streep goat dont look up jonah hill jennifer lawrence

Everyone seems to know Meryl Streep is the GOAT — except for the three-time Oscar winner herself. The actor’s Don’t Look Up co-stars Jennifer Lawrence and Jonah Hill spent much of the movie’s press cycle referring to her lovingly as the Greatest of All Time, but Streep wasn’t aware of the acronym. As a result, she thought they were literally calling her a goat.

“The whole week I’m saying, ‘You know, working with Meryl’s the best, she’s the GOAT, she’s the GOAT,'” Hill told Jimmy Fallon in a recent appearance on The Tonight Show. “And then today, we’re doing a press conference, and she’s like, ‘You know, Jonah is so comfortable with me, he’s been calling me a goat all week!'”

Lawrence also discussed the mix-up in a talk show appearance of her own. While guesting on The Late Show, she told Stephen Colbert that the legend, cool as she is, took the comment in stride, despite it seeming like a weird insult. When Lawrence used the term in a photoshoot, Streep replied, “That’s right, just tell the old goat where to go.”

“I was like, ‘Meryl, you know that GOAT means greatest of all time, right?” Lawrence recalled saying, before adding that her co-star “really took it on the chin.”

The GOAT plays the POTUS in Don’t Look Up, Adam McKay’s black comedy about the end of the world. In the film, astronomers played by Lawrence and Leonardo DiCaprio discover a comet that will destroy the earth in six months, but the president and her chief of staff (Hill) downplay the situation. Sound familiar?

Don’t Look Up is in theaters on December 10th prior to hitting Netflix on December 24th. Watch Hill and Lawrence discuss working with Streep below.


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