Ask Dr. Mike: Making Mental Health Your New Year’s Resolution

Advice on how to take action to improve your well-being in 2022

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Supplementing the Going There with Dr. Mike podcast presented by Consequence and Sound Mind Live, the monthly “Ask Dr. Mike” column is here to answer listeners’ questions. As we come up on the New Year, Dr. Mike is here to help us set intention with our resolutions to take care of our mental health.

Right now, many of us are looking ahead towards the New Year as a time to make change in our lives. We think about who we are at this moment, and who we want to be at the end of the upcoming year. We craft goals in the form of New Year’s resolutions that we hope will help us attain our life’s vision.  It can be a very exciting time, full of promise and hope that we can improve the quality of our lives.

Over the past year on the Going There with Dr. Mike podcast, we have had the opportunity to talk with musicians who have stepped forward and shared their struggles with mental health. Artists including Alessia Cara, Gerard Way of My Chemical Romance, Jason Isbell, Aimee Mann, Fantastic Negrito, and UPSAHL have all stepped forward to share their mental health journey. This often included discussing their struggle with a specific mental illness such as depression, anxiety and substance dependence.

In addition to discussing the potential causes of these struggles (stress, traumatic abuse, bullying), many of them described managing and improving their mental health through pathways such as psychotherapy, pharmacotherapy, and daily self-care like meditation and exercise. We’ve also heard these guests talk about how they are constantly evaluating their mental health regimen and trying new approaches to continually improve their emotional well-being.

We hope that in listening to these brave artists, listeners will be inspired to take a look at their own mental health and believe that they too can improve their emotional well-being. One step in that direction would be to explicitly make our mental health part of our New Year’s resolutions. Whether we are struggling with a severe mental illness and are not sure how to get help, or just want to take steps to improve our emotional well-being, we wanted to give people a plan to make mental health a priority in the New Year.


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