In Photos: Bands Featuring Sons of Metallica’s Hetflied, Ulrich, and Trujillo Team Up for San Francisco Gig

OTTTO, Taipei Houston, and Bastardane each feature at least one son of a Metallica member

Metallica Sons play joint gig

As part of Metallica’s “San Francisco Takeover” to mark their 40th anniversary, a handful of club gigs were announced to surround the metal titans’ massive shows at the Chase Center. One of those shows included three bands — OTTTO, Taipei Houston, and Bastardane — with each featuring at least one son of a Metallica member.

The gig took place Saturday night (December 18th) at The Chapel, with Bastardane taking the stage first. Based out of Savannah, Georgia, the group features drummer Castor Hetfield, son of Metallica frontman James Hetfield. The trio had a sound that was just as much thrash metal influenced as it was hard rock, and put on an impressive set.

Next up were Taipei Houston, a two-piece whose members Myles (drummer) and Layne (singer-bassist) are the sons of Lars Ulrich. Although they only played their first show back in September, the band definitely lived up to the hype, and put on an energetic garage-rock-inspired set.

The headliners of the evening were OTTTO, whose bassist Tye is the son of Robert Trujillo. At 17 years of age, Tye is already a seasoned musician, having filled in on bass for both Korn and Suicidal Tendencies in the past. Following in his father’s footsteps, Tye laid down the funky yet punky bassline as the band tore through a set that had the crowd ready for Metallica’s Sunday night show at the Chase Center.

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See our exclusive photos of OTTTO, Taipei Houston, and Bastardane below.

Photo Gallery – OTTTO, Taipei Houston, and Bastardane PhoGallery (click to enlarge and scroll through):

All photos by Raymond Ahner (@raymond_ahner)


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