St. Vincent Shares “Pay Your Way in Pain (IDLES Remix)”: Stream

The post-punk band's take on the Daddy's Home single

st vincent pay your way in pain idles remix stream

St. Vincent is back with a fresh take on “Pay Your Way in Pain.” Today, Annie Clark has shared a remix of the Daddy’s Home single, created by UK post-punk band IDLES.

St. Vincent released Daddy’s Home, her sixth album, in May, and shared “Pay Your Way in Pain” as its first single. With glitchy synths and the artist’s typical slinky rhythm, the song introduced the record’s retro aesthetic with a certain charismatic darkness. In a statement for the remix, IDLES guitarist Mark Bowen said this juxtaposition is what he latched onto.

“What I really enjoy about the Daddy’s Home album is using this camp energy in a really violent way,” he said. “This embracing of the nostalgic even the kitsch but using it to make progressive futuristic music. It reminded me a lot of the energy of early house and techno but wrapped up in this early ’70s aesthetic. I wanted to ramp up the camp and the violence in the remix but still maintain the sentiments and sensibilities of the original track.”

IDLES’ remix certainly revels in this darkness. Heavy bass replaces most of St. Vincent’s instrumental, as sinister electronic beats pulse. Choruses of “pain” and “shame” cry out from the drone. It’s pretty spooky. Check out “Pay Your Way in Pain (IDLES Remix)” below.

St. Vincent was recently announced as one of many huge stars opening for the Red Hot Chili Peppers on their extensive 2022 world tour — you can grab tickets to that here. As for IDLES, the band released their fourth LP, CRAWLER, in November. Revisit their track-by-track breakdown of the record here.


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