Stage Diver Floods Entire Venue After Kicking Pipe at Hardcore Show: Watch

Headliners Show Me the Body never got to play as the incident happened during opener Candy's set

Flooded Hardcore Show

Fans hoping to catch the very cool hardcore bill at the Middle East club Tuesday night (December 7th) in Cambridge, Massachusetts, were instead treated to a surprise shower. A concertgoer apparently front-flipped off the stage and ruptured a sprinkler pipe on the ceiling, flooding the venue before headliners Show Me the Body even had the chance to play.

As New England Sounds reports, the incident happened as Richmond, Virginia’s Candy were performing in the club’s downstairs room. Footage shows water gushing from the pipe, as the band continues to play. At first, it didn’t seem to faze the crowd, as a number of moshers can be seen reveling in the pouring water. Eventually, the fire department was called as it became clear that the venue was flooding.

According to a Reddit thread about the incident, the water “smelled horrible,” suggesting it may not have been a good idea to continue moshing underneath the gushing liquid. Although, perhaps it could have been worse — see Brass Against’s set at the recent Welcome to Rockville festival.

Unfortunately, Show Me the Body never got to play, tweeting, “Sorry Boston, Shit Happens.” Their East Coast tour with Candy and Regional Justice Center (who weren’t on the Cambridge bill) continued last night in Philadelphia, and runs through a December 18th show in Jacksonville, Florida.

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As for the next night at Middle East, the bands Stick to Your Guns and Stray From the Path were able to perform, but had to move their show to the upstairs room of the venue.

See video footage of the water gushing into the Middle East’s downstairs room in the social media clips below. And next time you stage dive at a hardcore show, make sure you have enough clearance for that sweet front flip you’ve been practicing at home.


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