Steve Perry Says New Holiday Album The Season “Was Emotional Therapy”

Former Journey singer teases original Christmas music and discusses what today's pop songs are missing

steve perry kmw the season holiday album photo by MYRIAM SANTOS

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Steve Perry sits down with Kyle Meredith to talk about The Season, his latest entry into the cannon of holiday albums.

The former Journey singer tells us how last year’s absence of a Christmas feeling and missing loved ones led him to seek a reconnection with this year’s season. He discusses how The Season was inspired by the memories and songs of his childhood, especially the timelessness of original classic holiday tracks. Perry also touches on occasionally injecting his own lyrics into those classics, and teases two original holiday songs he’s written and recorded for a future release.

Perry also talks about how the lack of space and use of autotune in today’s music has wiped away some of the mystery and emotion, shares his appreciation of Barbra Streisand, and gives the story behind the Traces bonus track “October In New York.”

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