Tierra Whack Announces New EP Pop?

A sister project to last week's Rap? EP

tierra whack announces new ep pop

Less than a week after sharing her latest EP Rap?, Tierra Whack already has another project in the pipeline. Pop?, the sister EP to Rap?, is out this Thursday, December 9th via Interscope.

While details are light regarding the new project, we have every reason to believe that Pop? will boast a similar left-field, semi-theatrical quality to its predecessor. The three-track Rap? included Consequence’s Rap Song of the Week “Stand Up,” which was inspired by a conversation Whack had with JAY-Z.

“So I’ve seen the most recent Joker, the movie, about five times, it’s like one of my favorite movies,” Whack said in an interview with Apple Music. “I watched it once just by myself when it first came out, and then I had a conversation with JAY-Z and he was like, ‘Yo, you’re the Joker of the game.’ And I’m like, ‘What does that mean?’ And he’s like, ‘You come off happy but there’s a dark side.’ And honestly it stuck with me. And I’m just like, you know what? That’s exactly who I am. I’m the Joker, I’m the wild card.”

We’re now officially taking bets as to which anti-hero Whack will embody next on Pop? See the EP artwork below.

To coincide with the release of Rap?, Whack’s proper follow-up to her 2018 breakout Whack World, the rapper dropped her first-ever Vans collaboration last week. She teamed up with stylist Shirley Kurata to create an ’80s-inspired collection of shoes and apparel centering around the mantra “Weird Hype and Creative Kids” — abbreviated to “WHACK,” naturally. Earlier this year, she released the one-off singles “Link,” “76,” and “Walk the Beat.”

Pop? EP Artwork:

tierra whack announces new ep pop artwork


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