Video Surfaces of Tool Drummer Danny Carey’s Arrest

The drummer is facing charges of misdemeanor assault stemming from an incident at a Kansas City airport

Tool Danny Carey Arrest

Earlier today, we reported that Danny Carey was arrested on Sunday night (December 12th) for an alleged assault at the Kansas City airport. Now, video of his arrest has surfaced, showing the Tool drummer getting into it with the officers.

Unfortunately, the video is not a good look for Carey, who berates the officers and tells the person filming him to “videotape all of this.” The drummer, wearing a Kansas City Chiefs jersey (and perhaps attending the NFL team’s home game against the Raiders earlier that day), keeps asking one of the officers, “Who did I assault?” and exclaiming, “I just want to get the f**k out of here.”

The footage then cuts to two officers pinning him against a glass wall outside the airport, with one officer ordering Carey not to get too close to them. The officers then cuff Carey, with one screaming, “Quit resisting now!” Although it’s hard to hear, TMZ reports that at one point in the video Carey tells the officers he’s the drummer from Tool.

TMZ also reports that the person who Carey allegedly assaulted was an airport security worker, and that a police report reveals that the drummer apparently shoved two fingers in that person’s chest and repeatedly yelled, “You’re a f**king f**got!”

The musician is apparently facing charges of misdemeanor assault and a fine up to $13,900.

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Carey, who hails from Kansas, was also in town over the weekend to perform at the University of Kansas’ basketball game against the University of Missouri. Video from Saturday’s contest shows him sitting in with the Kansas band in the stands.

The drummer’s arrest occurred just one month before Tool are slated to kick off their 2022 US tour. The outing launches January 10th in Eugene, Oregon, with tickets available here.

Watch footage of Danny Carey’s airport arrest below.



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