Bandcamp Fridays to Resume This February

The music platform will once again waive its share of profits on select Fridays in 2022

bandcamp resumes bandcamp fridays february 2022

One of the only good and pure things the pandemic brought us in its early months was the recurring Bandcamp Fridays, during which the music platform waived its cut of sales for 24 hours. After taking a pause at the end of 2021, Bandcamp has announced today that it’s bringing back the occasion for a select few Fridays in 2022: February 4th, March 4th, April 1st, and May 6th.

The previous 17 Bandcamp Fridays put a whopping grand total of over $70 million directly into the pockets of artists and labels. As the future of touring and vinyl sales seems futile, now is the time to throw any spare cash at your favorite artists. Bandcamp even has a nifty website that tells you plainly whether or not it’s Bandcamp Friday.

But Bandcamp CEO Ethan Diamond reiterates that it’s always a good time to support artists on the platform. On normal days, artists and labels still typically get about 82% of the money that listeners spend on the site, he explained in a statement. That puts Bandcamp miles ahead of streaming giants like Spotify and Apple Music in terms of actually benefitting artists.

If you need some recommendations of what to buy on Bandcamp come February 4th, you can revisit some of Consequence’s past Song of the Week roundups or check out our Artist of the Month profiles.

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