Kevin Morby and Hamilton Leithauser on Characters in Their Songs, Demoitis, and Fear-Based Exercise

The indie songwriters also talk about touring together and their latest releases

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Kevin Morby and Hamilton Leithauser stopped by the WFPK studios during their tour together and spoke with Kyle Meredith about the history of their friendship and writing the song “Virginia Beach” together. The pair also perform the song, as well as Morby’s “Campfire” and Leithauser’s “The Stars of Tomorrow.”

Morby then spoke about releasing the demos to Sundowner and both artist’s experience with demoitis (a phenomenon by which you listen to one version of something so frequently that the proper recording becomes difficult to accept.)

Meanwhile, Leithauser talks about living in Washington, DC during the political unrest of the last few years, releasing his live album from Cafe Carlisle, and how the characters that populate last year’s The Loves of Your Life all seem to be running from someone.

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