Kid Rock Seems to Really Want to Have Sex with Fauci on New Song with “Let’s Go Brandon” Chorus

He also rhymes "too" with "too"

kid rock fauci let's go brandon we the people antivaccine

Kid Rock seems to really want to make love to Dr. Anthony Fauci, judging by his less-than-polite vocabulary on “We the People,” a new anti-science track with a “Let’s go Brandon” chorus.

This jingoistic circle-jerk gives rightwing talking points a vigorous rubdown, though it’s more concerned with ‘lol memes’ than making the song listenable. In addition to his amorous offer to Fauci, Kid Rock attempts to clown the scientific community with, “‘Wear your mask, take your pills’/ Now a whole generation’s mentally ill,” though it’s unclear what these pills are — perhaps he got it confused with horse paste?

This isn’t the only time he approaches facts like a terrier might approach a fire hydrant. He rap-sings, “Inflation’s up, like the minimum wage,” the latter of which would be welcome news to most essential workers, and mocks the idea of lockdowns, which haven’t been attempted with any seriousness since spring 2020. “But COVID’s near, it’s coming to town,” he warbles,
“We gotta act quick, shut our borders down/ Joe Biden does, the media embraces/ Big Don does it and they call him racist.” It bears repeating, Biden restricted some travel from countries where COVID ran rampant, whereas Trump tried to block all immigration from what he called “the shithole countries,” by which he meant majority non-white. Hence, “racist.”

At times, Kid Rocks shows off a command of rhymes that would have Shakespeare’s jaw on the floor, especially when he rhymes “too” with “too,” and then repeats “too” several more times for good measure. He also ridicules the Black Lives Matter movement only to call for national unity in the very next line. But the song’s big idea — and here we use ‘idea’ loosely — is that the phrase “Let’s go Brandon” should be uttered as many times as possible, the better to make sure the phrase’s subtle wit doesn’t escape us.

Recall, “Let’s go Brandon” became a meme after a NASCAR event last year, when 28-year-old driver Brandon Brown won his first race. Pit reporter Kelli Stavast interviewed Brown as the crowd chanted, “Fuck Joe Biden,” and either because she couldn’t hear the chant, was trying to save face for television, or was merely attempting a joke, she said, “They’re chanting, ‘Let’s go Brandon!'” Since then, the phrase has become a euphemism for telling the President to go fuck himself, as well as an example of the limits of rightwing humor. “Ooh, let’s go Brandon!” Rock repeats in the song, stealing someone else’s weak joke because he’d have to be clever in order to make up his own. If you’re feeling masochistic, check out “We the People” below.

Kid Rock has repeatedly disregarded basic COVID-19 safety precautions, which bodes poorly for his recently announced tour. In November of last year he dropped “Don’t Tell Me How to Live,” a track that confused people making fun of him for people being offended. Are you a glutton for punishment? Revisit 10 times Kid Rock was the absolute worst.


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