HBO Teases New Lana Del Rey Song From the Euphoria Soundtrack

The pop singer's latest single can be heard in a teaser for week week's episode

new lana del rey song euphoria hbo

Considering HBO’s smash drama Euphoria follows the lives of troubled, indulgent teens, it’s honestly surprising it’s taken the show this long to include a song by the patron saint of troubled indulgence herself: Lana Del Rey. The official Euphoria Twitter account has shared a clip previewing the next episode, soundtracked to a new song by Del Rey.

While the video is just shy of a minute, that’s still long enough to indicate that this new song is tried-and-true Del Rey: Sweeping contralto vocals, an arpeggiated guitar riff, and an overall sense of heartache.

This episode — Season 2, episode 3 — is set to air next Sunday. It seems to offer some important backstory on Nate Jacobs’ strict father, Cal, whose salacious habits have threatened to disrupt his family. Watch the Euphoria preview below.

After taking a smart leave of absence from social media last year, Del Rey’s eighth studio album, Blue Banistersarrived last October. It landed her the record for the most No. 1 alternative albums on the Billboard 200.


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