MØ Breaks Down New Album Motordrome Track by Track: Exclusive

A deep dive into each song on the Danish pop singer's latest studio effort

mo motordrome track by track new album stream

Our Track by Track feature offers musicians the platform to share the inspiration and stories behind each song on their latest release. Today, MØ offers a deep dive into her new album, Motordrome.

has returned today (January 28th) with Motordrome, her first new album in more than three years. Stream it below via Apple Music or Spotify.

The Danish singer began work on the follow-up to Forever Neverland after exhaustively touring for five years. While recovering from the physical and mental toll of being on the road, MØ faced another obstacle when a vocal injury forced her into months of rehabilitation. She distilled all of these experiences into her lyrics, reuniting with longtime co-writers like Caroline Ailin and Noonie Bao to bring the songs to completion. Other collaborators include Ariel Rechtshaid, SG Lewis, Sly, Linus Wiklund, Yangze, and Jam City.

“It was in the fall of ’19, and I was feeling defeated and scared, with everything going on with my mental health and voice,” MØ tells Consequence about writing “Goosebumps,” one of the singles from the album. “This was the first time I tried to put words on what was going on in my mind. I sat down by the piano in my basement, and the words ‘Come on easy rider, lift your voice up to the sky’ flew out of my mouth, over the chords I was playing. I felt light running through me — as I’ve experienced before with songwriting. It’s like it can unlock things inside of me that thinking and talking can’t.”


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