Grow Your Own Willie Nelson with the New Chia Pet

The Red-Headed Stranger is going green

willie nelson chia pet plant buy

Willie Nelson is known for his love of greenery. Now, with the new Chia Pet, he becomes it.

Available wherever that one aunt shops for holiday presents, Chia Pet’s latest novelty planter features the Red-Headed Stranger in full bloom. Although only the luscious locks comes with color, the eyes just feel red, with a bleary glint that suggests this Chia Pet is having a great time.

The devices is recommended by none other than alt-country icon Margo Price. “Love mine so much!” she wrote on Instagram. “The only thing that would make it better is if it came with cannabis seeds.” Alas, it’s supplied with regular old chia seeds. For a less conventional experience, you may have to check out Willie’s Reserve, where Nelson himself is the chief tester. But if you just want to knock off your 2022 Christmas shopping early, definitely check out the announcement post below.

Last year, the 88-year-old legend shared That’s Lifea collection of Frank Sinatra covers, as well as The Nelson Family, his 95th (!) studio album.


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