Better Call Saul Sets Premiere Date For Final Season

The two-part sixth season will kick off in April

Better Call Saul Final Season 6 Release Date

After being delayed first by the pandemic and then by Bob Odenkirk’s scary heart attack last summer, the sixth and final season of Better Call Saul has received a release date. The Breaking Bad spinoff will premiere on AMC on April 18th.

AMC made the announcement during its Television Critics Association session on Thursday (February 10th) and revealed the 13-episode season will be released in two parts. The first seven episodes will air in April and May, while the remainder will begin airing on July 11th after a six-week break.

Season 6 will trace the final transformation of protagonist Jimmy McGill (played by Odenkirk) into the conniving Saul Goodman that fans first met in Breaking Bad. In addition, viewers will get more insight into Omaha Cinnabon manager Gene Takovic, the alias Goodman takes after the conclusion of the original series.

In a new interview with The New York Times, Odenkirk opened up about the heart attack, which he experienced on the Better Call Saul set in July 2021. “We were shooting a scene, we’d been shooting all day, and luckily I didn’t go back to my trailer,” he recalled. Instead, the then-58-year-old actor retreated to a space where the actors would often spend their downtime.

“I went to play the Cubs game and ride my workout bike, and I just went down,” he said. “Rhea [Seehorn] said I started turning bluish-gray right away.”

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Thankfully, Seehorn and another co-star, Patrick Fabian, were both with Odenkirk. Their calls for help eventually flagged down the show’s health safety supervisor, Rosa Estrada, and an assistant director, Angie Meyer, who administered CPR and hooked him up to an automated defibrillator.

The second zap resulted in an irregular pulse that The Times reports “quickly disappeared.” Odenkirk explained, “The third time, it got me that rhythm back.” An ambulance then took Odenkirk to Presbyterian Hospital in Albuquerque, where he underwent a minor procedure.

Despite having no recollection of the incident, Odenkirk was able to return to the set of Better Call Saul less than two months later.

The Season 6 premiere will air almost exactly two years after the finale of Season 5. Check out a new teaser below.


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