Donald Trump Announces Debut DJ Sets at Mar-A-Lago

The disgraced president will be spinning tunes at his Florida resort this weekend

Donald Trump DJ

With his Twitter account permanently suspended, Donald Trump has had to branch out in order to fulfill his unwavering need for self-indulgence. The former president has, apparently, pivoted to DJing, and his first audience is his fellow members of the Mar-a-Lago Club.

According to the New York Times’ Maggie Haberman, members of the Palm Beach, Florida resort received a notice advertising that “great music” would be played during dinner the weekend of Friday, February 4th, with “President Trump playing the role of disc jockey.” (Note the use of the word “president.”) See the full statement signed by No. 45 himself below.

It’s unclear if this weekend marks a special event at Mar-a-Lago, or if Trump is just itching to spin some vinyl. Either way, we have a few guesses as to who might be on his set list: Ye, Kid Rock, or an array of uplifting show tunes, perhaps? Maybe a residency at Four Seasons Total Landscaping in next in his future?


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