Elton John’s Plane Makes Emergency Landing After Hydraulics Fail at 10,000 Feet

On route from the UK to New York

elton john plane emergency landing hydraulics 10,000 feet

Sir Elton John is safe and well after his private plane was forced to make an emergency landing following a hydraulics failure at 10,000 feet.

The Rocketman had hoped to fly from Britain to New York on Tuesday, but it wasn’t such a long, long time before touchdown brought him around again to the UK. An hour into the flight, the plane’s hydraulics failed, crippling the functionality of some of its brakes, flaps, and landing gear equipment.

The pilot quickly rerouted to Farnborough Airport on the southern coast of Ireland. Witnesses told The Sun that the plane struggled with 80 mile-per-hour winds, twice coming in for a landing only to pull up. “The plane was being buffeted and couldn’t make it,” one person said. “The aircraft’s nose was far too vertical. The plane was descending and was halfway along the runway when it gave up trying to hit the tarmac. It soared back in the air.”

On the third attempt the plane finally landed on the runway. “It was a white-knuckle ride and Elton was shaken,” a source said. But he had a show on Tuesday night at Madison Square Garden, and so he shortly boarded another plane to New York. “He put aside any personal anguish to get back on a plane. For Elton, quite literally, the show must go on.”

The 74-year-old icon is currently making his way around the world on what he has said is his last tour ever, “Farewell Yellow Brick Road: The Final Tour.” Last month, he had to postpone a small number of shows after testing positive for COVID-19. Tickets are available here.

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