Foo Fighters’ 10 Greatest Needle Drops

The best times the inescapable rockers took over film and TV

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Foo Fighters Week continues here at Consequence with a list of their greatest music moments in TV and film. Keep checking back throughout the week for more interviews, lists, editorials and videos — it’s all things Foos, all the time. You can see everything in one convenient place here.

Despite being an inescapable fixture of pop culture, when first tasked with rounding up the best uses of Foo Fighters’ music in television and film, it was hard to come up with a long list — outside their many legendary performances on Saturday Night Live and Late Show with David Letterman, of course.

Sure, there’s Monica and Chandler’s wedding, and of course, the referential “Breakout” music video forever cements the song’s place in the Farrelly Brothers’ 2000 comedy Me, Myself & Irene. But what other projects were worthy enough to score the Foos’ blessing?

As it turns out, the best Foo Fighters needle drops serve as time capsules for the moments in which they arrive. Their biggest hits bestow gravity to blockbusters, their deep cuts lend credibility to 2000s CW dramas, and, hell, some musical queues prove hilariously unexpected (which music supervisor had Dave Grohl’s jokey Nirvana-era cover of Kim Wilde’s “Kids in America” on their radar?).

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In any case, the charisma of this famously charismatic band spills over into the projects in which they’re featured. So, without further ado, we present Foo Fighters’ 10 best needle drops.


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