“Let’s Go Brandon” Chant Breaks Out at Morgan Wallen’s Tour Kick-Off

The embattled country singer launched "The Dangerous Tour" at Madison Square Garden on Wednesday

Morgan Wallen MSG

Morgan Wallen kicked off “The Dangerous Tour” on Wednesday evening, effectively marking the end of his brief cancelation following his use of the N-word on camera. The country singer performed before a sold-out crowd at Madison Square Garden, and by the sound of it, the concert wasn’t too dissimilar to a Trump rally.

According to Rolling Stone, chants of “Let’s Go Brandon” (MAGA nation’s sophomoric euphemism for “Fuck Joe Biden”) broke out during the concert. Fox News *of course* has the exclusive footage.

Rolling Stone also spoke to attendees of the concerts to inquire whether they were bothered by Wallen’s use of a racial slur. “It doesn’t matter. We love him,” responded one woman named Molly. Another woman named Erica added, “I love this man. I think he deserves the world.” Meanwhile, a man named Robert lauded Wallen for “how he bounced back.”

For his part, Wallen did not specifically address the controversy, but did make some not-so-subtle and defiant gestures. His guitar strap was emblazoned with the word “Dangerous,” and he closed the show by telling the audience, “We ain’t going nowhere… and neither are you.”

Further to that point, this morning Wallen received four nominations for the 2022 American County Music Awards. He had been deemed ineligible for last year’s ACMs, but apparently his ban has now been lifted.


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