Rap Song of the Week: Actually, Megan Thee Stallion’s Branded Cheetos Song “Flamin’ Hottie” Is Kind of Good

Plus, hear essential tracks from $NOT, DijahSB, the late King Von, and more

megan thee stallion flamin hottie cheetos rap song of the week

Our recurring feature Rap Song of the Week breaks down the hip-hop songs you need to hear every Friday. Check out the full playlist here. This week, Megan Thee Stallion secures the bag with “Flamin’ Hottie.”

Considering Megan Thee Stallion’s complicated record label situation, the H-Town Hottie is hardly bringing in the money that she should be for an artist of her stature. So no one begrudged her for teaming up with Popeyes last year, and now she’s partnered with Frito-Lay to promote Flamin’ Hot Cheetos (leaving Lil Xan in shambles) and Doritos. Later this month, Meg will be starring in a Super Bowl commercial alongside Charlie Puth, but today she’s given fans an idea of what to expect with “Flamin’ Hottie.”

Meg at least put in more than a minimal effort into making the branded track. In the MC’s latest tribute to her forebearers, OG Parker’s production flips Salt-N-Pepa’s 1987 classic “Push It,” and she brings back ’90s slang with lines like, “I’m all that and a bag of Flamin’ Hot chips.” Meg doesn’t shy away from why the song exists in the first place, either, rapping, “Ayy, ayy, moral of the story, I’ma get to the bag/ Hoes I don’t even know hatin’, that’s sad/ Fuck your opinion, lil’ bitch, who asked?”

Whether or not haters want to question “Flamin’ Hottie” on its artistic merits, the recent college graduate made a smart move to further diversify her income streams after signing a first-look deal with Netflix in December. Taking advantage of her natural charisma is a no-brainer and who knows if or when her label woes will get straightened out.

According to a recent interview Meg did with Billboard, the Flamin’ Hot Cheetos commercial pays even further tribute to her idols. She’ll play a hummingbird who performs “Push It” alongside Puth’s sly fox, which should make for an interesting visual.


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