Silk Sonic Share Smooth Cover of “Love’s Train” for Valentine’s Day: Stream

The dynamic duo of Bruno Mars and Anderson .Paak take on R&B and funk band Con Funk Shun's 1983 classic

Silk Sonic Love’s Train Con Funk Shun cover song stream

Not content with releasing an album’s worth of Valentine’s Day jams last year, Silk Sonic have returned with their new single “Love’s Train.” Stream it below.

Bruno Mars and Anderson .Paak’s latest soundtrack for… ahem, adult activities is the dynamic duo’s rendition of a 1983 classic by R&B and funk band Con Funk Shun. “We love this song so much we wanted to sing it for y’all,” they wrote on Twitter.

Staying true to the original version, Mars and .Paak easily slip into their seductive roles. “I’m down on my knee, I wanna please you, baby,” Mars sings. “Ooh, I’ll be your righteous lover.” Interestingly, “Love’s Train” was inspired by a situation in which two members of Con Funk Shun were unknowingly chasing the same woman.

“A tall pretty young lady came to the studio in San Francisco and Felton Pilate moved on her quickly,” said the song’s co-writer Michael Cooper in an interview with The Daily Republic. “About a month into their relationship, she slides up to me and says she really wanted me. One thing led to another and soon she was juggling me and Felton, but I [didn’t] know that.”

Regardless of the context in which you listen to “Love’s Train,” it’s always a treat to hear new music from Silk Sonic. Later this month, Mars and .Paak will kick off a 25-date Las Vegas residency. Tickets are available here.


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