5 Times Amy Adams Deserved an Oscar

It's an ongoing issue that simply must be addressed!

Amy Adams Oscars

The Academy Awards are rapidly approaching: This Sunday, March 27th, an assortment of glittery, golden statuettes will be handed out. Once again, one of those Oscars will fail to land in some of the most deserving, expressive hands in Hollywood. We’re referring, of course, to one Amy Lou Adams.

Amy Adams has been turning in some of the most varied, authentic onscreen work for decades now, but has been snubbed and snubbed again by the elusive Academy. She stole the show way back in the 1999 dark comedy Drop Dead Gorgeous, and was then cast in Catch Me If You Can opposite Leonardo DiCaprio, at the height of his Leonardo DiCaprio Heartthrob Times. Much to the disappointment of director Steven Spielberg, the movie failed to catapult her to superstar status.

But, alas, our Amy persisted! Her critical breakthrough arrived in the form of 2005’s Junebug, earning her a supporting actress nomination at that year’s Oscars, and she became a household name after beating out 300 other actresses for the lead role in Disney’s Enchanted. Never fear: Ms. Adams then refused to be typecast, working against her wide-eyed type and digging into darker roles.

Now, with decades of truly magnificent work under her belt, Amy Adams still has yet to take home an Academy Award. Perhaps one of the most frustrating things about watching her continuously be snubbed is the lack of outcry from Film Twitter and beyond — when it took Leonardo DiCaprio seven tries to claim an Oscar of his own, it seemed like there was consistent pushback from the general public.

Meanwhile, Amy Adams has six nominations to her name (it should be at least seven, but more on that in a moment), but the film bros aren’t rushing to her defense in the same way. Suspicious!

Regardless, we’ve rounded up five of Amy Adams’ best roles for which she should’ve won an Academy Award.


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