Cardi B Appears as “Sharki B” in Upcoming Episode of Baby Shark’s Big Show!: Watch

The rapper will introduce her new hit "Seaweed Sway" on the Nickelodeon show

cardi b baby shark sharki b baby shark's big show nickelodeon Seaweed Sway watch

Cardi B might not be the first celebrity you think of when it comes to family-friendly programming, but in the deep blue sea, anything goes. The rapper will trade in her “WAP” for a set of fins next month when she appears in an upcoming episode of Nickelodeon’s animated preschool hit Baby Shark’s Big Show!. She’ll make a cameo not as the Cardi we know and love, but as her aptly-named aquatic alter-ego: Sharki B.

A proud “Baby Shark” fan herself, Cardi is bringing her own family along for the underwater fun, too: Husband Offset will portray “Offshark,” while their three-year-old daughter, Kulture, will assume the role of “Kulture Shark.”

During the episode — set to air on April 15th — Baby Shark and best friend William meet Sharki B, described in a press release as “the biggest star in the seven seas.” With Offshark and Kulture Shark by her side, Sharki B teaches the protagonists a new hit dance craze she created. Twerking? Twirling around a pole? No — make way for the “Seaweed Sway.”

Nickelodeon teased Cardi’s cameo in Baby Shark’s Big Show! with a 40-second teaser this week, during which the whole gang puts the “Seaweed Sway” in action onstage. “You gotta come on tour sometime, okurrrt?” Sharki B exclaims as she embraces Baby Shark and William, proving that Cardi’s omnipresence transcends Top 40 radio above water. See the clip below.

Earlier this year, Cardi pledged to cover funeral costs for the 17 victims of a deadly fire that ravaged an apartment building in her native Bronx, New York. On a lighter note, she also recently outed herself as a My Chemical Romance stan, tweeting a clip of the pop-punk stalwarts’ “I’m Not Okay (I Promise)” captioned: “They don’t make music like this anymore.”


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