Daryl Hall on Covering Todd Rundgren and Making a New Album with Eurythmics’ Dave Stewart

The Hall & Oates member takes us inside his solo best-of compilation, BeforeAfter

kyle meredith with daryl hall photo by Stuart Berg

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Daryl Hall joins Kyle Meredith to talk about BeforeAfter, his first best-of collection that highlights his solo albums.

In diving into the new collection, the Hall & Oates singer takes us back to making Sacred Songs with Robert Fripp (who compared Hall’s work to Bowie’s at the time), being on the forefront of streaming shows on the web a full decade ahead of everyone else, and covering “Here Comes the Rain Again” on this new set.

Hall also discusses the relevance of his ’80s song “What’s Gonna Happen to Us” with the latest war in Ukraine, his upcoming tour with Todd Rundgren, not being a fan of the folks who run the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame, and having Joni Mitchell backing him on the song “Right as Rain.” What’s more, he discusses working with Eurythmics’ Dave Stewart on a new album.

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