Madi Diaz Hosts NPR Tiny Desk (Home) Concert from Her Living Room: Watch

"Never have there been so many people in this apartment"

Madi Diaz NPR Tiny Desk Home Concert watch stream

Madi Diaz invited the NPR Tiny Desk crew and a string quartet into her Nashville living room for the latest installment of the stripped-down concert series.

The intimate performance found the Music City-based singer-songwriter flanked by two violinists, a violist, and cellist from the local Lockeland Strings ensemble as well as virtuosic drummer-keyboardist Adam Popick in a feat she noted by saying, “Never have there been so many people in this apartment.”

After a solo, acoustic rendition of her hushed, heavy-hearted single “Resentment,” Diaz opened the floor with a warm “welcome to my tiny living room” before sharing that she was performing in the same space where she recorded her 2021 breakthrough album History of a Feeling. “And what better way to immortalize it by fitting as many people into a small space as possible,” she joked.

She lifted the set with full accompaniment as the strings add to the wistful melancholy of “New Person, Old Place” before switching to the electric guitar on “Forever,” where Diaz delivered an impressively emotive vocal take. She closed with another solo performance on the album’s deceptively upbeat title track. Check out the full session below.

Madi Diaz released the Same History, New Feelings EP earlier this month with four duets that reimagined songs from her last record, including “Forever” with Angel OIsen and “Resentment” with Waxahatchee, whom she’ll be supporting on a North American tour starting in April. Grab your tickets to see the recent collaborators together via Ticketmaster.

01. Resentment
02. New Person, Old Place
03. Forever
04. History of a Feeling


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