Big Thief’s Adrianne Lenker Asks Fans to Avoid Talking During Concerts: “Try to Be Mindful”

"Sometimes I have this feeling like, 'If only the room were quiet, this could just be so incredible'"

adrianne lenker big thief asks fans to stop talking during concerts instagram

Adrianne Lenker would like for you to please keep your voice down at concerts. The Big Thief vocalist took to Instagram this week to share a video message addressing talking during opening acts and “attention in general,” seemingly in reference to crowds she’s witnessed as her band tours their new album, Dragon New Warm Mountain I Believe in You.

“This has been on my mind for a few days now — actually, I should say this has been on my mind for a lot longer than that,” Lenker began. “When music is happening in a room, and there’s a performer onstage playing and doing their craft, when you enter into that space, try to be mindful of what’s happening, and pay attention, and don’t talk.”

Lenker isn’t asking for a complete ban on talking in concert venues, but she does ask fans to be more considerate during performances: “If you want to talk and greet people and socialize, you can totally do that, but when you do it in the room where a performance is going on, other people who are there to listen don’t have any say at all in what’s happening.”

“Sometimes I have this feeling like, ‘If only the room were quiet, this could just be so incredible,'” Lenker continued. “When you come into this space where music is happening, even if you’re coming just to see a specific act play, be mindful if there is somebody performing and playing, to either listen or at least be quiet so that other people can listen, or go and put yourself elsewhere. I just think that, because it’s a common space, people should be able to enjoy the full breadth of what the artist has to offer.”

Lenker’s statement calls to mind a since-deleted Twitter thread by Mitski earlier this year, in which the indie rocker politely asked fans to limit their phone usage at her shows. As live music becomes a more regular activity again, now’s a good time to rethink concert etiquette — after all, now that we’ve lived through a world without shows, why not soak in every moment while we can? See Lenker’s full video below.

Speaking of concerts, Big Thief only have a couple weeks left on their North American tour supporting Dragon New Warm Mountain I Believe in You; head over to Ticketmaster if you still need tickets. The indie-folk quartet have further solidified their big-league status with recent performances on Fallon and Colbert.


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