Ariana Grande Pledges $1.5 Million to Fight “Disgraceful Bills” Targeting Trans Community

Ariana Grande

Ariana Grande is pledging to match up to $1.5 million to fight back against a rising wave of anti-trans legislation.

The pop superstar made the announcement on Thursday, March 31st, which was also International Transgender Day of Visibility. In an Instagram post, Grande wrote, “right now there are hundreds of disgraceful bills pending in state legislature that target trans youth and aim to curb their rights.”

Grande continued, “the impact of fightings these anti-trans bills and policies is felt all year by trans people, their families, and loved ones. please join me in donating to this fundraiser which will provide critical funds to organizations advocating for the rights of trans youth in states currently targeted by anti-trans policies.” She added, “I will be matching all funds raised up to $1,500,000.”

Grande also included a list of 19 organizations which will be evenly splitting the donations. Check out those non-profits along with her full statement below.

The many states who have attempted to restrict trans rights include Florida and it’s so-called “Don’t Say Gay or Trans” bill, which has been condemned by Disney, plus Arizona’s two laws targeting transgender youth in the state, and Texas’ shocking order to investigate gender-affirming care of minors as “child abuse.” Unfortunately, these bigoted sentiments aren’t restricted to the United States. In Scotland, J.K. Rowling has been a vocal critic of a bill that would simplify the process by which the government recognizes a person’s gender identity, baselessly suggesting it will lead to more assaults.


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