Beach Bunny on Their Explosive Coachella Debut: “It Was a Mix of Stress, Red Bull and Good Summer Vibes”

Lili Trifilio discusses what goes into a great festival set

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Festivals are wondrous places to discover new music, but they also serve as a place to be your truest self, feel confident in your identity, and of course, have an unforgettable time. For Lili Trifilio of Beach Bunny, this is an essential part of the experience.

After a massive breakthrough with Honeymoon in 2020, which included the beloved “Cloud Nine” (an essential 2021 TikTok anthem), former Consequence Artist of the Month Beach Bunny (comprised of Trifilio, Jon Alvarado, Matt Henkels and Anthony Vaccaro) have kept busy: they released four track EP Blame Game and just announced their second studio album, Emotional Creature, due out in July.

In between releases and viral moments, the Chicago band put on frequent shows around the world, embarking on an extensive US tour last fall. And similar to their lively show at New York City’s Webster Hall last November, Beach Bunny is dead-set on playing the most high energy set possible. Trifilio is far from shy onstage, frequently chatting in between songs and imploring the audience to open up the moshpit.

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Now, two years after being initially announced for the 2020 Coachella that wasn’t, Beach Bunny have finally arrived: their set was a true highlight of the fest on Saturday (April 16th), and hearing the indie-centric energy of “Promises” and new song “Oxygen” between the emo and pop-punk leaning “Sports” and “Good Girls (Don’t Get Used)” sums up their festival vibe perfectly. (“I hope no one is getting sunburned!” Trifilio said during the show; the blazing sun was fitting for Beach Bunny’s set, though.)

After their rollicking set on the Outdoor Theater stage, Consequence caught up with Trifilio to chat about the set, her favorite festival memories and more. Check out the full Q&A below.


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