A Killer Skewers Gen Z – Literally – in Trailer for A24’s Bodies Bodies Bodies: Watch

Pete Davidson, Amandla Stenberg, Rachel Sennott, and more star in the Scream-esque dark comedy

bodies bodies bodies trailer

Halina Reijn may have perfected the ultimate Gen Z Scream. In the first trailer for A24’s upcoming slasher Bodies Bodies Bodies, Amandla Stenberg, Maria Bakalova, Myha’la Herrold, Chase Sui Wonders, Rachel Sennott, Lee Pace, and Pete Davidson play a party game that goes terribly wrong, with all the extremely online language to capture just the audience you’d expect from a cast and production company of this caliber. Check out the clip below.

Produced by David Hinojosa and Ali Herting and written by Sarah DeLappe from a story by Kristen Roupenian, Bodies Bodies Bodies follows a group of rich 20-somethings as they plan a hurricane party at a remote family mansion.

When Sophie (Stenberg) proposes the group play the film’s titular murderer game, Emma (Wonders) protests: “Every time we play this, someone ends up crying.” This time, however, the game results in more than crying, as the friends get actually murdered one by one. As paranoia ensues, the kids escalate their woke buzzwords — “You’re always gaslighting me;” “You fucking trigger me;” “You are so toxic” — as they attempt to solve the whodunnit.

The age-appropriate star power of its cast — The Hate U Give star Stenberg is an outspoken LGBTQ activist, while Shiva Baby star Sennott kickstarted her career with her comedic online presence — bolsters Bodies Bodies Bodies’ satirical vernacular. In the trailer’s best moment of all, the film leans into Davidson’s unlikely sex symbol status, as his David proclaims: “I just look like I fuck. That’s the vibe I like to put out there.” So true!

Bodies Bodies Bodies hits theaters on August 5th, and even comes with an original song by Charli XCX. The zoomers are going to love this one.


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