GWAR Bud of Gods Fanny Pack & Delta-8 Bundle Launching for 4/20

Plus, get 25% off anything else on Consequence Shop during our 4/20 sale

GWAR Bud of Gods Fanny Pack Delta-8 Bundle Launching for 4-20

Congratulations on making it to another 4/20, you Scumdogs! In celebration of everyone’s favorite high holy day, GWAR and Consequence back with the latest addition to their Bud of Gods capsule: a limited edition fanny pack!

Now before you think the intergalactic barbarians have gone all sissy on you, know this ain’t your mother’s fanny pack. This custom, all-over printed fanny pack will make you the coolest Bohab on the block, earning you the unnecessary street cred among your pathetic human “friends” that you so desperately crave. Plus, it comes stuffed with an exclusive bandana and stickers, but most importantly, a 5-count or 30-count jar of GWAR’s Bud of Gods Delta-8 gummies.

And because we know how cheap you dweebs are, we’re even throwing in a coupon for a discount on your next purchase at the Consequence Shop.

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“If you’re on the go, you just sling it over the bones of your dead friends like I do, and out the door you go!” says GWAR’s Jizmak Da Gusha. “You eat a Delta-8, next thing you know, you’re in outer space! You’re fighting battles with GWAR! And then you go back to the house, raid your mom’s fridge, and then you steal your dad’s car. I mean, this is the top of the line Bud of Gods, right here from Consequence.”

Available while supplies last, this limited-edition fanny pack is being marked down 25% from the MSRP, starting at just $49.99. So what are you waiting for?! Head over to or use to Buy Now button below to celebrate 4/20 the GWAR way with the Bud of Gods fanny pack bundle!

If that weren’t enough, everything else on the Consequence Shop is on sale now through April 30th for 25% off. Plus, when you spend $100 anywhere on the shop, we’ll throw in a free piece of merch (valued starting at $18) with your order! Note that CBD and Delta-8 products are only available for shipping within the US.

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What’s more, Consequence is introducing its latest line of co-branded CBD products: Rome & Duddy’s Good Times! Coming in collaboration with Sublime with Rome’s Rome Ramirez and Dirty Heads’ Duddy B, this exclusive line of products includes CBD hemp flower; CBD and THC-A gummies; tinctures; and accessories like a two-part grinder, rolling trays, and a dug out. Sign up to be notified when pre-orders officially launch on 4/20 at


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