How Hatchie Reinvented Herself on Giving The World Away

The Australian artist discusses why she's in her "pop star era"

Hatchie Interview

Hatchie‘s debut album Keepsake was a beautifully dreamy, widescreen statement for the Australian artist, but throughout the album was a thick fog the enveloped the sweet surroundings. Now, for her glorious second album, Giving The World Away, out this Friday (April 22nd), the fog has cleared and revealed Hatchie in her truest form.

Where Keepsake dabbled heavily in shoegaze and ’90s era dream pop, Giving The World Away doubles down hard, creating anthemic pop hooks out of homespun beats and powerful moments of crystalline rock. It’s a logical progression for Hatchie (born Harriette Pilbeam), but don’t think her carefully-calculated aesthetic takes away from the vulnerable truth of her lyrics—Hatchie is more open than ever before on Giving The World Away, and as she works to dismantle her own shame and keep her feet on the ground, she begins to truly soar.

Hatchie, a former Consequence Artist of the Month, claims that the album serves as a reinvention, like she’s “rebooting Hatchie from scratch.” This newfound confidence finds Hatchie fully in pop star mode: “I don’t know that I’m going to be striving for that pop star, Billboard-charting era… but never say never!”

Indeed, there is even more vibrance and energy than any of her previous works, and it was definitely intentional. “I felt like there was this big disconnect between my songs on the record and my songs live,” she says. “So I wanted to create an album that really was made to be performed live on a big stage.”

Though she’s skyrocketed to popularity in her native Australia, Hatchie is particularly excited to begin her North American tour in support of Giving The World Away. She’ll play several shows across the country with LA-based dream pop artist Caroline Loveglow throughout the month of May (grab tickets here). After being confined to her home in Australia throughout multiple lockdown periods, she couldn’t be more excited to get back out on the road. “I’m literally counting down the days,” she says. “I don’t know what to do with myself until then.”

Luckily, Hatchie has been keeping busy by releasing some excellent singles from Giving The World Away—her second single “Quicksand” is a particularly poignant track, and it’s one that perfectly encapsulates this new era of Hatchie.

Consequence caught up with Hatchie ahead of the release of Giving The World Away to chat about the album, her inspiration points, the challenge of being vulnerable, working with psych rock connoisseur Jorge Elbrecht, and her favorite TikTok accounts. Check out the full Q&A below.


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