Jared Padalecki “Lucky to Be Alive” After “Very Bad Car Accident,” Says Jensen Ackles

"The fact that he’s not in a hospital right now is blowing my mind because I saw the car"

jared padalecki jensen ackles bad car accident passenger recovering supernatural injury lucky to be alive

Jared Padalecki is “lucky to be alive” following a “very bad car accident,” according to his longtime Supernatural co-star Jensen Ackles.

Ackles addressed a crowd of Supernatural fans at NJCON 2022 over the weekend. “I miss my buddy,” he began in fan footage of the event. “He sends his love. I spoke with him yesterday. He’s sad he can’t be here.”

He continued, “I don’t know if you guys know what’s going on. He was in a very bad car accident. He wasn’t driving, he was in the passenger seat, and he’s lucky to be alive. And not only that, but he’s at home recovering which — the fact that he’s not in a hospital right now is blowing my mind because I saw the car.”

Ackles added that there were “no fatalities,” and that according to Padalecki, “’That airbag packs a punch.’ He’s like, ‘I feel like I went 12 rounds with [Mike] Tyson.” The actor also asked Supernatural fans in to “keep him in your thoughts, send him some love if you get the chance on social, and he’ll be back with us soon.” Check out footage of the interview below, with the relevant section beginning almost immediately after Ackles takes the stage.

Ackles is currently producing a prequel to Supernatural called The Winchestersand he’s set to reunite with the original show’s creator Eric Kripke in the upcoming third season of his newest series, The Boys. As for Padalecki, he stars as a legendary Texas Ranger in CW’s Walkerwhich was just renewed for Season 3.


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