Jimmy Fallon and Jimmy Kimmel Trade Shows for April Fools’ Day: Watch

A Freaky Friday late-night moment

jimmy fallon jimmy kimmel april fools

Jimmy Fallon and Jimmy Kimmel took April Fools’ Day to a whole new level this year. Switching coasts and networks, the comedians traded late night shows for the evening, with Fallon hosting Jimmy Kimmel Live! and Kimmel hosting The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon. 

While the bit is funny to rewatch on YouTube, it’s especially entertaining to see the reactions of the shows’ studio audiences, who received the prank in real time. The Jimmy Kimmel Live! audience went especially nuts for Fallon, who quipped, “Please, please please, settle down, you’re going to offend the other Jimmy!” Kimmel had the same thought, asking Fallon’s audience, “Show of hands: How many of you are disappointed? Be honest.”

During their monologues, the pair chatted via satellite about the Freaky Friday moment, where they revealed they first came up with the idea to switch shows in 2020. Kimmel went on to interview Hugh Jackman and Bridget Everett, while partaking in Tonight Show segments “Thank You Notes” and “Box of Lies,” while Fallon kept up Kimmel’s anti-Matt Damon bit by promising an interview with the actor… who ended up being Justin Timberlake.

Elsewhere in the show, a pre-recorded bit saw the comedians promise fans a photo with Jimmy Kimmel, only for Fallon to show up and take his spot in the middle of the photoshoot. Plus, Red Hot Chili Peppers pulled double duty as the musical guest on both shows, performing cuts from their new album Unlimited LoveCheck out clips from both shows below.


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