Kae Tempest on Self-Fulfilling Prophecies, Having Lianna La Havas & Fontaines DC on Their New Album

The English artist dissects the themes and unique recording process of The Line is a Curve

Kae Tempest new album line is a curve Kyle Meredith With Photo by Wolfgang Tillmans

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Kae Tempest catches up with Kyle Meredith to discuss The Line Is a Curve. The English spoken word poet/novelist/playwright tells us about using characters to work out their own issues, having Lianna La Havas and Fontaines DC’s Grian Chatten as guests on the record, and the self-fulfilling prophecy found inside one of the songs.

Tempest also talks about recording the album in one take, three different times, in front of three different single-person audiences of different backgrounds and ages. They also discuss how the record was made to be cyclical, not just for the music to begin where it ends, but also to highlight the perseverance within the lyrics.

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