Liam Gallagher Reacts to Dismissal of Son’s Assault Case: “Judge Judy Can Kiss My Arse Hole”

In response to the judge's condemnation of his offspring's actions

Liam Gallagher Gene Gallagher assault trial case dismissed twitter rant

The assault trial involving Liam Gallagher’s son Gene, Ringo Starr’s grandson Sonny Starkey, and model Noah Ponte was opened and promptly dismissed on March 30th, but not without a stern condemnation of their actions from the presiding judge. Days later, the elder Gallagher took to Twitter to share his pointed thoughts about the proceedings and Judge Joanna Greenberg’s comments.

One of Greenberg’s criticisms seems to have stuck out to the paternal Gallagher. “It is hard enough for people running late-night stores without entitled young men thinking they could get what they want by misbehaving, and this is what the two of you did,” the judge said to Gene and Starkey.

On Saturday, Liam Gallagher responded on Twitter, flipping Greenberg’s words in a rant that started off with “Judge Judy can kiss my arse hole from 1 entitled prick to another as you were LG x.” He then went after standard court procedure, tweeting, “Asking folk to sit down, stand up, rise, fuck off with your noncey wig.” The former Oasis frontman followed up by writing, “If ya can’t steal from your local Tescos where can you steal from eh this country is over.”

The case, which stemmed from a May 2019 racially-charged altercation between the three teenagers and two employees at a northern London Tesco Express supermarket, was dropped by the prosecutors on the first day. According to the Evening Standard, the swift decision was made after new video evidence surfaced by Starkey’s defense team appeared to show a shop clerk initially pushing Starkey, turning the case into a potential matter of self-defense.

Greenberg delivered a “bind over” decision to Gallagher and Starkey, effectively closing the case with the provision that the two stay in good legal standing over the next 12 months. Ponte, who faced an additional theft charge for a canned gin-and-tonic, was cleared by a jury two days later. Despite ultimately siding with the defendants, Greenberg concluded the trial by condemning their actions.

“Your behavior on this occasion when you entered the Tesco store was, in my view, completely out of order, no doubt as a result of having been drinking,” Greenberg said. “This doesn’t diminish to a great extent the bad behavior.”

For his part, Liam seems to have cooled off over the weekend, returning to Twitter on Monday with the words “LOVE,” “Kindness,” and “Respect” in separate tweets. See the full rant below.

On Friday, Gallagher released the title track to his upcoming third solo effort C’MON YOU KNOW, which arrives on May 27th. It was preceded by “Everything’s Electric,” which features Dave Grohl on drums. Gallagher also paid tribute to the Foos’ late drummer Taylor Hawkins with a performance of “Live Forever” the night after his passing.


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