Mod Sun on Falling in Love with Avril Lavigne, Co-Directing Machine Gun Kelly’s Movie

The pop punk star talks his new single, "Rich Kids Ruin Everything"

kyle meredith with Mod Sun Avril Lavigne

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Mod Sun sits down with Kyle Meredith about his new music, plus falling in love with Avril Lavigne while making her latest record, Love Sux.

The pop punk star discusses his latest single, “Rich Kids Ruin Everything,” a song about championing originality and the copycats on TikTok, and the forthcoming album that it’s setting up. He also dives into what it means to have pop punk back at a new peak, his decision to put a heavy concentration on music videos, and the upcoming movie he’s made with Machine Gun Kelly called Good Mourning.

Mod Sun goes on to talk about being a big fans of the work of  both Wes Anderson and Bob Dylan, and releasing a documentary about his own life.

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