Coachella 2022: Phoebe Bridgers Duets with Arlo Parks

Singing "Graceland Too" and "I Know the End"

phoebe bridgers arlo parks coachella

Phoebe Bridgers took the stage at Coachella for her debut performance at the festival. In addition to playing “Sidelines” — her new song for the upcoming series Conversations with Friends —  the indie-folk artist invited R&B musician Arlo Parks to join her for renditions of “Graceland Too” and “I Know the End.” (Ed. Note: Did you know Bridgers and Parks are both former Consequence Artist of the Month recipients?)

“Graceland Too” and “I Know the End” are both highlights from Bridgers’ most recent album, Punisherand backing vocals are absolutely necessary to get them off the ground. Parks’ honeyed croon does the job perfectly, from the harmonies of “Graceland Too” to the unforgettable chants of “I Know the End.”

Aside from the songs mentioned, Bridgers’ set also included her breakout track “Motion Sickness” as well as Punisher singles “Garden Song,” “Kyoto,” and “ICU.” Check out some fan-captured clips and the full setlist below.

Bridgers’ Coachella set marks one of the first stops on her 2022 “Reunion Tour,” which lasts through August. Check out our recap of the opening night, and grab tickets at Ticketmaster. Parks is on a headlining tour of her own this year; get tickets via Ticketmaster.

Ed. Note: Head here to find our complete coverage of Coachella 2022. 

Motion Sickness
DVD Menu
Garden Song
Scott Street
Chinese Satellite
Moon Song
Graceland Too (with Arlo Parks)
I Know the End (with Arlo Parks)


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