Robert Downey Jr. Is Writing a Book About Carbon-Free Dieting

Co-written by environmental author Thomas Kostigen, it's titled Cool Food: Erasing Your Carbon Footprint One Bite at a Time

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Iron Man is breaking into the publishing biz, and for a good cause: Robert Downey Jr. has teamed up with environmental author Thomas Kostigen for a book titled Cool Food: Erasing Your Carbon Footprint One Bite at a Time, a guide to making your diet a little more climate-friendly. Deadline reports that Blackstone Publishing will release the project, with a publishing date to be announced.

As one might expect, taking on a role as physically demanding as Iron Man required Downey Jr. to sharpen his knowledge surrounding nutrition. Cool Food — his first publishing venture — aims to demystify wellness by outlining specific, approachable food choices with the longevity of both your body and the earth in mind. Considering Downey Jr. also founded an organization called The Footprint Coalition dedicated to reducing carbon footprints, the topic is right up his alley.

Downey Jr. and Kostigen will walk readers through the journeys they took in order to learn more about the origins of food we consume on a daily basis, from remote regions of the globe to a table at your favorite restaurant. With Kostigen’s extensive know-how and Downey Jr.’s unflappable wit, the book is sure to be just as fun as it is informative.

“Our best global food future requires no hand-wringing, fad diets, or radical shame — just a perspective shift to discovering the many solutions in plain sight,” Downey Jr. said in a statement. “With Kostigen in the cockpit, and Blackstone’s formidable ground control, it should be an actionable adventure. Join us.”

“Increasingly, we are presented with forecasts of a worsening climate,” Kostigen added. “Cool Food shows how we can change that outlook for the better by making a few different choices at the grocery store, trying something new on the restaurant menu, and by keeping an eye out for foods that store more carbon in the ground rather than polluting the air.”

Also coming up on Downey Jr.’s release schedule are Christopher Nolan’s historical drama Oppenheimerwhere he’ll play the controversial former Atomic Energy Commissioner Lewis Strauss, and HBO’s The Sympathizera series adapted from Viet Thanh Nguyen’s 2015 espionage thriller of the same name.


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